thoughts on gaming vs. normal headphones

Hi peeps
I'm thinking about buying new headphones, and did some research. Quickly I came to the conclusion that normal headphones are better. What do you think about it?
And do you have a recommendation on which headphones to buy?
-not too expensive (I can't spend over 200 on it)
-mic is handy, but I can buy that apart too
thanks in advance :)
ps: sorry for bad english :s
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Jul 14, 2018
Well gaming type headphones with Dolby Surrond are nice since you can better tell the direction of sounds. And of course all gaming headsets have microphones built in, usually a boom type. It does work better if you talk. But if sound direction or talking are not your things then regular headphone, or even earbuds are just fine. I’ve used my Apple earbuds many times since for longer wear they are more comfortable to me.
May 13, 2018
Mar 9, 2018
Yes. Stop gaming; get normal.
Dec 28, 2017
idk if anyone has said it yet but AD700x. your probably going to have to put a rubber band on them but so far the best soundstage which as you should know is great for gaming. I can accurately tell the position of a player just by sound, that is if the game had good audio positioning.
Apr 11, 2018
regret getting it, too tinny; guess it depends on the game although i still use them for the great soundstage I kind of wish I got the AKG K701 instead when they were 150 now theyre 200 (got the 700x for the same price, theyre 100 now).
Nov 5, 2017
I agree about how some headphones with great soundstage enhances the experience. But games these days are programmed with exaggerated sound effects in terms of positioning to work with any headphone. I use earbuds hooked to an amp for gaming. Although the soundstage is not wide but it's enough to make out where stuff are. Although open headphones have better spatial performance, I do find explosions underwhelming.
Perhaps if anyone can give a recommendation for a headphone with a balance of soundstage and impactful bass, I'd switch.
Dec 28, 2017
k553 pro with brainwaves earpads, bass is not thumping but its not dead either. IMO its a great balance providing just enough umph. then thats my opinion
Aug 30, 2018
Sennheiser HD 579 is really good for gaming. Punchy bass but the imaging/separation is good enough that it doesn't get in the way. The soundstage is really good too. Edit: I use the newfantasia sheepskin earpads with them, brings out the bass a bit more but it's not eassential.
Oct 29, 2017
Best gaming headsets for 200 dollars is the Monolith M560 Planars from Monoprice they are easy as crap to drive you just need a basic amp if you need one at all . You want to hear foot steps these are the all around king for music,movies, and games.
Dec 28, 2017
I don't have any experience with these but I highly doubt they are properly driven without an amp. Planars are always power hogs to get the best sound out of them. even with conventional drivers I believe you start seeing benefits around 40 ohm especially with closed back.
Dec 29, 2017
Well these are easy to drive i run them on 0 gain on my micca origen+ and i run them on low gain with my O2 amp easily. And if you are comparing these to the mark 3s dont those stupid things are just inefficient and take too much power to run them for what you get.
Oct 27, 2017
Usually these kinds of threads make me cringe, and rightfully so for the stuff people recommend. But here’s my two cents: Stop reading anything here that doesn’t have soundstage as a factor. Natural soundstage with an open-back headphone is the most vital thing you could use in most FPS games. Assuming you’re going to be playing something like PUBG, CS:GO, Fortnite or anything of the sort, you’re going to need some headphones that have great width, depth, soundstage and imaging. The best option that I’ve come to for budget (and even non-budget for people that consider this high-end for choices in headphones, even though it’s really not), are the AD series from AudioTechnica.
YUCK, AUDIOTECHNICA, RIGHT? Wrong. AD series are some of the most accurate headphones (sub $300 I‘d say) you can get for imaging and soundstage + detailed highs and mids. iirc, the higher you go up the better soundstage, vocal presence, and general neutral frequency. I’d recommend these three for you: AD700X + Modmic (mute switch and newer version): $172 AD900X + Modmic (non mute switch, older version): $198 (best bet) AD900X + Modmic (mute switch and newer version): $218
The newer Modmic sounds better, by the way, as the old one is generally more nasally and doesn’t have as good of a freq response, plus the mute switch for convenience.
For gaming, you can’t beat these. They’re also pretty good for music if you want accuracy, but I wouldn’t find these enjoyable for listening to music since they’re just too bass-lite for me. Amazon prices below as of 10/27/17.
If you’re doing any other type of gaming (non-shooters) by the way, forget everything I just said and just get something like SHP9500 with a V-Moda since you don’t need spatial positioning.


Nov 5, 2017
It is compatible, since you don't have high impedance and you can get a y-split -> 4 Pole 3.5 mm converter that will make it work with the PS4 input on your controller. Just don't expect as much as performance as you would on PC, but it'll still be exceptional since you're getting naturally better headphones with open-back headphones and accuracy unlike other most other open-backs in the price range, too.
Here's a link of the adapter that's suggested:
Nov 28, 2017
As long as you buy a Y adapter for the controller, yes
Philips SHP9500 with a Vmoda Boom mic. $80 total
Oct 13, 2017
5 stars > %80 I bought this headset for light gaming, and then got some remote jobs so I've ended up using it mostly for work. I use it 8+ hours a day for audio meetings 2-6 people at a time, is super comfortable (I forget that I'm wearing off calls), and the mic has very good sound localization. The earpads are soft and comfortable. The top is padded and comfortable. The cable is braided and *long*, so i can pace around the room when tired of sitting.
A slight con for me is the blue light can't be turned off.
Oct 10, 2017
I generally use audiophile headphones with a solid DAC.
If your doing tourneys then i highly recommend the Direct Sound Ex29 plus is my personal recommendation. They isolate noise really well and that is huge at tournament time.
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