Hifiman HE-4XX Durability.

Hi there, I just wanted to get some feedback from current owners (long-term if possible) to see if you have had any issues with durability, specifically driver failure. I read a couple posts by users who have owned a couple pairs of these and they mentioned that both pairs ended up with driver failure and a "bass rattling effect". The posts was made about 6-12 ago, so maybe it was just that batch, but I'm not sure. I have no experience with Hifiman products, but there seems to be quite a bit of complaints regarding quality control issues which makes me very hesitant to keep these once they arrive as I want something that's going to last years without issues, not break down within 6 months. Can anyone else attest to any type of durability issues with these? I just bought my first pair which are set to arrive this week, but I won't bother with them if they're going to end up dying within a year. Thanks in advance!

Aug 1, 2021
Have had my HE4XX for about two years. Bought them open box for $116 all in. Got them cheap because the left driver cut in and out. Opening it up revealed that a small piece of paper toweling had been carelessly glued to the input connector during manufacture. Removing it fixed the problem. Months later one of the small round covers fell off. Some glue fixed that problem. A design flaw with the 4XX can result in the drivers cutting out temporarily with very bassy music. In spite of these caveats, IMHO the HE4XX is a bargain. I really like how it sounds. However, while parts quality is decent, quality control is not. So keep this in mind if you're considering buying one.
Jun 5, 2020
Had mine since October, doing fine
May 25, 2020
I have had my 4xx for almost 2 years. I recently replaced the headband with an HE560 headband because the original one was uncomfortable and pieces were starting to fall off. This new headband is of much better quality and comfort and I expect it’ll last trouble free for a long time. I also owned a 400i a couple of years back but returned it because the headband yoke broke. All that said I haven’t had any trouble with the headphone/drivers themselves. I Lomé the way they sound enough to put up with the inconvenience.