How much better (if any better) is the KSP/95x compared to the HD58X?

I'm a pretty mid range audiophile as I dont have the money to spend on the higher end headphones and other equipment. Right now I'm using the HD58X's with a JDS Labs O DAC and JDS Labs Atom amp. I've been interested in electrostatic headphones ever since I've discovered the audiophile community (actually really got into it when I discovered the Sennheiser Orpheus) but they've always been way to expensive for me. Now that I know the KSP/95X exist, I really really want to get it, but the cost would be quite a dent for me personally. Would anyone here say that it's worth it to buy when I already have the HD58X? I mainly listen to classic rock and jazz. Any music that is really instrumental I'm into.

May 29, 2020
Not better, mostly just different (I'd actually go on and say that I'd rather listen to the HD 6XX over the 95x). Personally, I tend to dislike most electrostats (and planars, but that's another can of worms) and the 95x is no exception. It's decently speedy, but the transients are rounded and the stopping behavior of electrostats turn me off greatly; I feel that they sound like they don't have much control over their diaphragms. A tip; go out and audition stuff in person if you can. Blind buying is the fastest way to an empty wallet and endless gear-cycling.
May 31, 2020
I think mainly I would like some more soundstage and seperation. I know there are different phones out there for that but the supposed clarity and accuracy of electrostats makes it sound like I would really love them.
May 31, 2020
What do you mean by "clarity?" Let me tell you now that if you're talking about detail, the 58X is difficult to beat (the 6XX beats it slightly) unless you start going into kilobuck cans that are actually legit. For reference, the v1 version of the HE-560 is only slightly more resolving than HD 6XX (but it has other problems that I won't get into here). "Accuracy" is such a BS term in this hobby. Every transducer has a timbre, a certain sound. Focals all have some degree of metallic timbre. Senns have dynamic grain. ZMFs have their own sound. Audeze has a certain house sound (assuming you get an actually good sample). Heck, dynamics fundamentally sound different than electrostats and planars. Throw that term away and figure out for yourself what you actually like listening to. You're the one who is going to be using your system; make it for your personal enjoyment and don't let some internet schmuck ruin that for you (including me; I'm just some cranky a**hole). Not sure if you're talking about separation as in imaging localiztion, sense of depth, or layering (don't you love how nebulous this hobby is?), but this could mean that you'd be better off with swapping in a new amp, DAC, or both. About soundstage; headphones all have bad stage, with some being offensively 3 blob or 2 blob. If you really want stage and can't go to speakers, there is only one answer: Raal Requisite SR1a. And that headphone has its own issues (yes, I own one, yes, I think it's phenomenal, but I'd be delusional if I thought any audio stuff I own is the best thing since sliced bread in a hobby that's this tied with personal preference). If you don't mind a stage that's about the same size as your 58X, but has superior imaging, you may want to try the Elex.
I don't own the 58X but I do own the 95X along with a ton of other pairs. Electrostatic headphones definitely have their own unique sound presentation. I don't think I could use just the 95X by itself as an "all-rounder" as the bass is a bit soft. The Dekoni pads help with the bass but stringed instruments lose a bit of their magic when swapping the stock pads. As far as detail retrieval it will probably be a big step up but the sound may not be what you are looking for. My daily drivers are currently the Hifiman Arya's for context.
May 27, 2020
Electrostatics are on my future list also. I’m waiting to see if this collaboration between Senn & drop comes to fruition, seems very probable: If you spring for the Koss, it seems that an ear pad upgrade helps with bass: