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Vargo BOT 700 + Trail Designs Wind Screen (need feedback from BOT 700 owners)

Hey all,
So I wanted to follow up on my efforts to bring to market a Trail Designs wind screen for the BOT 700.
I have known the guys from TD for a number of years, hang out with them whenever I get the chance, a great group of passionate guys.
The long story short basically comes down to this statement from them:
"there is very very little we can do with that pot"
I was told that because of the design of the pot (tall/narrow) they cannot make a Sidewinder for it.
I was told that because of the handles being fairly large they cannot make their older Fissure for it.
I was told they could make a "Ti-Tri" for the BOT 700 - however, the Ti-Tri requires the windscreen be stored inside of a caddy, and they are not sure if the current BOT 700 owners would be happy with that, given one of the reasons for buying the BOT 700 is the compact size.

Reference this page to understand what the "caddy" is:

Reference this page to understand what the "Ti-Tri" is:

Here is what we really need know from current BOT 700 owners before I go any further in working with Trail Designs to bring the Ti-Tri to market for the BOT 700:
The current price tag for the Ti-Tri is $80 bucks, which includes the windscreen, a caddy to store the windscreen in, a little alcohol stove, an esbit stove, and some other tidbits. It would be wrong of us to ask them to sell just the windscreen when they do not normally do that.

So the two questions I need to know are:
  1. Would you be willing to spend $80 bucks for a Ti-Tri for your BOT 700?
  2. Would you buy the Ti-Tri knowing that it will be required to carry the screen in a separate caddy and not inside the BOT 700?
Thanks to anybody that is a BOT 700 owner and takes the time to answer these two questions. I will relay the data to Trail Designs and see what happens from there.
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Looking at the Caldera Cone System website, it looks like they do have the ability to make a screen. The challenge seems to come from making anything more complicated for it. It seems like we could get a long way just by using a Fissure or Fusion system and requiring the two stakes to hold the pot up, keeping the handles out of the way. Then we'd still get a fair amount of conduction to the sidewalls, but avoid making it too tall to fit in the pot rolled up.
80$ Is very pricey. I personally have an esbit stove but would not use for hiking since it's very weak for it size compares to other fuel types, so buying another just seems pointless.
I would carry another system for wood burning, but for that reason I carry the fire ant system in a different pouch with a grill, all flat packed. It just doesn't seem to flexible to have another container for the wind protector that only holds it and can't accommodate anything else.
1. I would not be willing to spend $80 for a Tri-Tri especially with the extra tidbits that I will not use (solid fuel nor wood burning). If they had the option to select which tidbits to include, then I would consider buying it. 2. If I am soaking food in my BOT 700, then I do not mind carrying the screen in a separate caddy. If possible, though, I would like to see a caddy with a larger diameter where the BOT 700 and the screen can nest inside. Hopefully the dimensions for such a caddy would not be too overwhelming.
For the way I use this pot -- soaking dinner in the afternoon while hiking or soaking breakfast overnight--the ability to store the cone inside the BOT 700 is not important, even self-defeating. For a solo set up, which this pot is sized for, I do not like the weight or redundancy of a caddy ( I will bring a caddy as a bowl when packing with my wife or a partner with my Evernew .9 L set up.) and would just like a classic cone that I would wrap around the outside of the BOT 700 and carry in a homemade tyvek stuff sack.
You might have to be patient in waiting for responses to your inquiry as it seems that people are just now receiving their pots from the drop.
Didn't personally get the Bot 700 @abela but I was thinking about it. Considering the purpose of the bot is to pre soak meals then it only makes sense to have the cone stored elsewhere.
I have a sidewinder for a 900ml shorter wider pot and I find that having it that tightly rolled up inside the pot miss shapes it and I much rather have it stored 'looser' inside a caddy.
I would like to add that I was frustrated at Trail Designs when they wouldn't sell me the Sidewinder and pot bundle without an alcohol stove and fuel tabs etc. I had to pay for things I never wanted and have never used. I don't think that inflexibility would float here at Massdrop (where add ons are often optional). I love their product and salute them for their design achievements, but I was left perplexed and frustrated at their attitude and business model.