Looking for Fun headphones (amazing bass and nice highs, V-signature)

Hello! I'm looking for nice v-signature headphones or anything that has amazing bass and nice highs. My budget is anywhere under $1000 but i prefer somewhere around 500 and below. I like listening to dance, edm, hiphop, kpop, and the occasional rap. The songs i listen to are mainly voiced by female artists. The setup i will be using will consist mainly of a fiio btr5 for on the go and a schiit stack (magni heresy, modi 3, and a loki eq preamp). I do not care about the neutrality of the headphones and instead prefer headphones that are "fun" to listen to.
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May 30, 2020
So, wanting something that is good for on the go as well as home use. I prefer iem’s for on the go, if I want something bass heavy and efficient I like se846 or Atlas. For home use , I prefer open cans like Audeze LCD series or Senn 800s but they both need a boat load of power and u will need a new amp setup to get that deep clean bass, plus none of these headphones really fit in your budget. So, my recommendation is the Campfire Cascade. Unbelievable low end, can use on the go, home and will be in that under 1000 range. Try to listen to the cans before you buy...but I’m telling you they are amazing for the parameters you have given....just google the reviews
May 29, 2020
Try the Meze
May 29, 2020
See if you can't snag a pair of used Fostex TH-X00 or a TH-900. It's good you're not someone who cares too much about "neutral." The important part is being emotionally engaged with the music, which is all I really care about (I barely care about tonality nowadays unless something just sounds off).