[Jelly Key] The Rehabilitation of Lost Cities artisan keycaps
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During the High-tech War of the world is likely ending, a strange meteorite was in a head-on collision with Earth which everyone later knows as Phaethon Impact. After Giant-Impact, the world order was changed one more time. The linkage of continents was broken by earthquakes that created many new land and island, also clear up some of the cities in the world. The human race was in chaos between power and struggle. As a result of war, Earth’s climate was extremely destroyed, the transgenic animal was too dangerous horror to handle them. At the same time, many peoples knew beforehand about confidential news, so they had run away into space before Phaethon Impact happen, the rest of us – The survivors made their own rules for a new age as known as the Lost Cities Age. Lek, a young girl was adopted by Jozhak Ph.D. after Phaethon Impact had devastated the Earth and killed her parents when they were running away the deadliest disaster. They live in Basem City which belongs to both part Eastern Russian and Shikoku Island, which is governed under many nuclear power corporations of law. Basem Corp. is one of the evil corporations, also hold all power of the city. While both of them were loosing from the Z-Hunters who are secret murderers group of ZB Organization which takes responsibility for killing any citizens join in the plans against or escape from Basem government, Jozhak Ph.D. was shoot. Due to his severe injures, Jozhak wasn’t able to go on the plan, he gave Lek the Secret ID Code Tag and told her that she has to move to South Gate of the city to meet up K’rang the one will help her to escape by sea freight.
Indeed, Creative Realism – a miracle – what we would like to get into the whole Jellykey keycap. Now, let us tell you how we got this miracle in the rehabilitation of Lost Cities. The ruins of buildings that have size 1-2 mm have been poured into the molds. After becoming solidified within 8 hours in pressure pots, the castings are detached from their molds to move the design details step. In this step, the artisans will place these details on the sole of each size according to a sketch designed beforehand. It will take about 30 – 45 minutes to complete. For “Lost Cities II”, three size key-cap correspond to three layers, each layer has 4 distinctive landscapes. The color-ways are covered meticulously by nature effects in which the 4 main color-ways: bright orange – lava, blue ice-ocean, green – forest and chaotic color – toxic that are their own unique, especially we make sure a special effect – Red Dragon effect which was hidden inside the ruins, will get you a new impression. For that reason, the artisans take around 5 to 8 hours to complete every single key-cap.  Such details as highway bridges, grasses, falling buildings,…There are a key point of this step to bring a realistic art for each key-cap in Lost Cities, despite it doesn’t require time than other steps.
Next, the final profile layers of keycaps have been cast into the molds with different sizes and put in paint pressure pots to be dryness within 14 hours. When the casting of key-caps has enough time to get hard perfectly, we will move the sanding-seeking step within 3 times to sand by hand and the last 2 times for seeking by polisher motor, to get an ultra-smooth surface on each key-cap.  To ensure our whole key-caps will be in your hand is the most perfect design, any items have error while checking details or are on the keyboard, we will have to remake – from the zero points.  Finally, the artisans will clean the outer surface key-cap before having been tagged own serial number and put into the craved wooden boxes with our logo to deliver to you.  We’re ready to race to explore for “The rehabilitation of Lost Cities” together with you! How about you, my pal?
See more photos & video about our artisan keycaps project: https://www.jellykey.com/artisan-keycaps/the-rehabilitation-of-lost-cities

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