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The Leather Boot


In my personal opinion the leather boot is by far the most important footwear that has ever been made. From function to style the leather boot remains king after many centuries. I am starting this thread to get boot lovers together and talk about their personal favorites.
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bookmark_borderSave A great boot company out of Austin TX.
Good tip!
Thomas George by Fugashin Stitchdown Service Boots ($398aud). Particularly fond of the blue suede.

Three top picks. the Frye Engineer boot, and the Ariat Roper. Comfortable everyday
boots, and both are durable. Also, for my off-road adventures, I wear the Asolo TSP520GX.. bulletproof hiker
what is the name and make of this boot and where can i purchase......rocco
I owned a pair of this one from Sancho Boots. I loved them for many years :)
Do you do drag shows or cosplay? Nothing wrong with that, I’ve just never seen a male wear shorty cowboy boots like that...
Color 8 Shell Cordovan Indy Boot, makeup for Alden of Carmel with commando sole, antique edge, and hand-sewn stitches on the top. I've had a pair for years and they're still my favorites as they age so well. (Note: this photo from Alden of Carmel, not me).
Could never go wrong with a pair of dark brown boots(if the formality allows it)
John Varvatos Tahoe. Recent acquisition
I certainly agree; never leave home without mine! PS: Chicks dig 'em ;- )
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Perfect for wading through the comments.... (c:
Careful--don't get any on 'ya!
I am very big fan of the desert boot. I love the utilitarian look and the history behind it
indeed, every individual needs to have at least 1 pair of quality, well crafted leather boots. They will last a lifetime when taken care of and go with almost any occasion. Wearing a men's 5.5, I could never find anything in my size so I got so tired of it and I started my own company and started designing my own shoes. Starting small right now and wondering if I should do a massdrop. Would you all want a pair? check them out at Appreciate any feedback!


agreed - very versatile footwear. Favorite style is Chukka right now. Looking for a new pair. Oak street boots are interesting.
I'd love to see a drop for Boston boot co. Commonwealth boots
What boots are shown in the picture of this thread?
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That's a single strap, not a double (I don't know if it's Frye or what it is, but it's not a double).
You're right. I had found essentially the same shoe, but it was a double monkstrap and forgot to check the image again on his post.
After more digging, it looks like it's the Frye William Monk Chukka in Redwood. Found it here on Lyst:
Does anyone know any good wingtip brogue priced between $100-250?
Calvin Klein, but mediocre in quality. Bruno Magli but you have to hunt.
Thursday Boots wingtip? Full Goodyear welt, seems to review well (well... others in their line do, I've never looked for a review on the wingtip) I don't have any myself, but I think there is a pair in my future.
Awesome thread! Been wearing Danner's for years but I have been very impressed with Nisolo boots as of late. Absolutely should check them out, and I hope we can find them on here soon. Broken Homme would also be nice, I have a pair of their Davis boots but wrong size and I am looking to get rid of them and get another pair
My tastes generally lean more towards dress boots than work boots, but in the latter category I've been very impressed by what I've seen from Truman Boot Co, a young boot company out of Colorado. Worth checking out!
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RM Williams. Hand crafted in Australia from a single piece of leather.
I have Trumans in dark brown with the commando sole. Amazing boots. That said I also have dress boots (Mangani) , wingtip boots (Allen Edmonds), and suede chukkas (Allen Edmonds) from various manufacturers. Love them all.
The books looks nice something i can wear everyday
Have you tried the 24/7 boot from Samuel Hubbard?
My two favorite boots are the Alden Indy Boot and Roy boot from Context -- both in Brown Chromexcel. These are simply the most comfortable boots I own and I have had good luck wearing them in both casual and more business-casual settings.
I also wrote a guide on how to polish Chromexcel (it will work well for most leathers) that you should check out here:

Personally prefer a captoe boot to pull various duties.
Here are some videos to help start your boot journey:
Boot Guide:

How To Wear Boots:

Buying Tips:
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