which headphones for mixing movies for theaters?

Hi, Im looking for an advice about which headphones to buy, the priority is that I need the headphones for mixing soundtracks (voices, sfx and music) for indy movies that will be projected into theaters at film festivals. So I need very well balanced headphones. My preferences are open headphones but I give priority to balanced features so I’m open to change my mind about preferences. My budget is not very big so I can’t buy the most expensive in the world, but lets say that is very important that the headphones must last many many years for durability, and must be so good that I will not need to change for a better model.
Thanks for help

Jun 5, 2020
In open, I would do HD600.
Jun 5, 2020
Do they really need to be headphones? I'd seriously recommend speakers + sub for your use case. Good ones aren't that expensive (Audioengine A5+ with a used REL sub is an easy recommendation). Otherwise, this is really difficult without knowing your exact budget, or if you already have a DAC/amp. I'm going to assume the latter is true, and your budget is less than $1000. If this is the case, the Focal Elex is my recommendation. Aurorus Borealis is also another good one, but not sure what the production/wait time is like right now. If you really need to go cheaper, the Sennheiser HD 6XX is another recommendation, but keep in mind that there's a midbass boost that bleeds slightly into the mids.
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