Jun 6, 2020
Step one is get a real amp, and a DAC. You're asking for cake while eating the metaphorical cake. I'd say go something open back Beyerdynamic for the sound stage and musically sufficient low end while not losing too much sub bass but Beyerdynamic lost my trust after I got sent cans with one driver with twice the resistance as the other. If you dare, DT990Pro and DT880Pro are usually around $150-200 on Amazon but, also can't trust Amazon anymore. Everything is Chinesium clones of something. From my understanding of the HD58X, they're a musical can. Warm, comfortable vocals, a real in-between of beloved HD558 and the HD600. I've been steady of the HD598Cs though...
Jun 6, 2020
I already purchased the 990's and returned them instantly , I mentioned that above. Sound quality was awful, I do not get the hype on them, my Focal Listen's blew them out of the water in every aspect and then some (Except the comfort, which Ill deal with pain over sacrificing sound quality like that.) If DT990's and the like are all the industry has for quality I guess I am out of luck then. I am eyeing up swapping out my AE-5 for external eventually. Thanks for the reply/feedback. ~Black
I had a Sound Blaster Z for awhile, Creative makes good stuff (except I’ve found most of their products to have a signature with extra emphasis on the highs, in my Z, Omni, G5, and X7). You might be good if you start just by getting an external amp and using the AE-5 as a DAC for awhile. But for now, the HD 58X Jubilee should be a good fit, the AE-5 is certainly powerful enough.
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