CTRL Drop Keyboard losing power

My CTRL Drop Keyboard was working fine for a week or two, and suddenly it seemed like the keys were sticking. Not physically, but in the middle of me typing, suddenly it would stop typing, and then a second later, input about 15-20 of the same character. I'd try to unplug and replug in the keyboard, and most times, it would not come back on. Other times, Windows would suddenly say that it didn't recognize the last plugged in USB device and would suggest reconnecting it. Which also would lead to the keyboard not turning back on. I thought that maybe my USB 3.0 ports weren't providing enough power, so I tried to connect TWO USB C cables into my keyboard, which seemed to fix it for a while. But finally the issues started back up again. Is there anything I can do to potentially fix these issues? I love this keyboard, but at this point it's unusable.

Mar 23, 2021
Similar problem here, windows freezes every now and then for a second or two, so the mouse isn't updating (drove me crazy!). Seems the board is quite power hungry and if it doesn't get what it wants, it stutters, reconnects etc. making life complicated for the OS. Why? 1) I had it connected to a USB switch 2) I had it connected to a sort of DELL power block (you hook up your laptop and your screens to it) So both times over some external hub, and I think also on a deported USB port (on the front of my PC). HTH
Feb 9, 2021
Just had the same issue happen to me. Swapped the OEM USB C cable for a custom coiled cable and after about 3 days, no more power to the keyboard. Went straight to the computer with the OEM cable and all is well. Bummer, the custom cable was cool.
Jun 13, 2020
I had that issue when using my long type c to type c cable, but also had issues when plugged into a usb hub. Make sure its plugged directly into your computer and not through any extensions. I use a custom aviator cable and haven't had issues since.
Jun 11, 2020
I presume you are not using the included cable? It sounds like the keyboard isn't getting enough power. Does the issue persist when you use the included cable? With a different source (e.g. a powered USB hub)?
Jun 23, 2020
I've updated all the drivers that I can, uninstalled and reinstalled all the USB port drivers. It does happen with both ports. And the LED's don't make a difference if they're on or off unfortunately.
Jun 24, 2020
If you would simply like a replacement at this point, please contact Support from your transactions page to initiate that process. If you are willing to troubleshoot further, I'm wondering it the problem persists when it's used with other computers and/or compatible cables. Is there any visible damage to the connectors or components on the PCBA?
Jun 10, 2020
How long is your cable? Long cables can cause issues.
Jun 10, 2020
Only about 3ft