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What brand powered usb hub should I buy?

hi all. I see that I would benefit by using a electric powered usb hub so that I can use my intended to-buy dac and amp for my sennheiser 58x jubilee headphones. I see on Amazon that there are a fair number of them. I also see some of these seem to be "Junk"! Could someone suggest a good reliable powered hub for me? I would need such a hub to power my dac and/or amp when the computer is off so that I might then be able to use this system on my ipad, TV and other devices.. thank you, freestone

Jun 13, 2020
sounds like you need a "powered usb hub". Personally, I'd look to Sabrent, then Anker, and finally "pluggable". I've been buying powered USB hubs for that and other similar applications-- and have had the best longevity and reliability from these 3 brands (with Sabrent as my most frequent purchase for myself and others). While Sabrenta and Anker are mainstream brands (well-known and offer great customer service), I buy through Amazon so I get the best returns and warranties whatnot.
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