Some kind of misteak?

TEAK amp, small discount (can be bought at other online sellers for less) no takers.
Next thing you know - another TEAK amp, at a slight discount (on RRP). Do we expect people to be all over this one like fat kids and a pie truck???
Why Massdrop - why?

Do you mean Teac and mistake? I'm going to proceed on the assumption the answer is yes... The drops here have a lead time, I've noticed on many occasions that Amazon and other online vendors have started dropping price in response to drops posted here. As this site grows its user base I think we are going to see more and more situations like this. Teac is currently updating many of these lines and as such clearance prices are popping up. Don't hate the player, hate the game!
Aug 27, 2016
MD advertised %15 off - and you say it's a clearance item? I'd imagine it would be cheaper elsewhere, probably considerably cheaper if it's a clearance line.
I've been watching this DAC since it was released. It came out initially with something like a $549.00 MSRP but never sold well/much at that price. It's street price/market price was regularly $399. MSRP is completely, utterly and perpetually meaningless and the sooner the masses get over that on this forum the better we will be.. Damn near the only thing that sells at MSRP is Apple products. And yes they will be clearing out the stock on these, they have already replaced it's bigger brother the 501, the 301 won't be far behind. Spend enough time in the hobby and you will learn to recognize product cycles. Most major brands run a model for 18 mo's-3 years and then bring out an incremental improvement. This is not everyone's MO but certainly applicable to the likes of TEAC/SONY/DENON etc....
camelcamelcamel gives a visual if that helps: