My PC37X keeps picking up noise even the mic is switch off physically. Is it faulty or windows problem?


Jun 28, 2020
might be a windows problem or it's using the wrong mic input, check your mic settings in your voip app or in-game chat settings and the windows audio settings, otherwise the flip-to-mute might not be working properly.
Jun 18, 2020
I have this same issue. I RMA the headset a few days ago and I'm waiting on the return this Tuesday. I'll let you know if the new headset is fixed. I'm guessing it's either an on board sound card issue or Drop got a bad batch. My first assumption is that there is a weak shielding between the mic and headphone wires, causing a feedback. However, Drop has been wonderful with support.
Jun 25, 2020
Got the DAC/AMP. It fixed all echos/leaking/feed back sounds. It made the mic very sensitive though, so now I just push it away from my face entirely. The mic now truly mutes. Hooray! Though the GSX 1000 is too pricey, and you could get away with something much cheaper. I recommend that you get a DAC/AMP combo with both a headphone and mic in if you are having feed back issues still. Something like Schiit Fulla or similar.
Jul 2, 2020
So, it was an input problem with your computer hardware/software after all? Usually problems like this are an issue caused by the Jack being out of spec a little so the plug doesn’t insert all the way or the contacts aren’t lined up completely, or there is a driver issue. The giveaway is the game audio is leaking into the mic input... the headphone drivers are so far and the mic’s pickup pattern is directed in a particular way that they wouldn’t “hear” the game audio, so there is some crossover between the channels. The driver/software issue usually has the effect of other players hearing their voices echoed back to them. I hear the driver/software issue frequently when I play PUBG Mobile with random people, it’s unfortunate and annoying. If anyone else has an issue like this, I highly suggest connecting to a phone or some other audio source. Kudos to Sennheiser for doing what they could to try and help; the returned headphone is not going to be resold and probably was a write-off for them.