I wasn't even gardening, let alone digging

I just posted some reviews that the Tripowin Zonie cables are bad, and the ones I got from Drop are. That might look like Tripowin or Drop are the primary players, then I found my order for the same cable through Amazon that has none of the flaws. But who's supplying these products? It's all coming through Linsoul as far as I can tell. I hope Tripowin isn't a real company because this is obviously Linsoul being shady and I'd hate for a start-up to get trampled cuz Linsoul is trying to play the Hi-Fi communnity. If anyone from Linsoul reads this you have no idea how stupid you are; if you think you can manipulate audiophiles through marketing and hiding behind other brand names you are going almost as low as you can without bold faced stealing. This isn't an accident, I know some group of people at Linsoul know exactly what they are doing, and probably hoping to shroud themselves enough to deflect responsibility. Well I know what a PoS looks like and I step around them; likewise, I'm never going to purchase anything I can trace back to Linsoul. I would love for a senior director to call me to see if they try to BS, which I'll squash like the grossest bug ever, or if they could admit to making a fatal mistake. No joke I want that call, I'm probably going to set a record for getting banned on Linsoul's Discord if i copy/paste this over, but if anyone at Linsoul has the integrity to fess up, i'm itching to give out my contact info. Circuling back around to front companies, Drop obviously has something they could say. I honestly hope you're liberal minded American entrepreneurs that weren't fortunate enough in today's PC climate to learn that other cultures see that about us, and considerate it an obligation to exploit the hell out of you because you're such an idiot to think a contract signing means I'm actually going to do anything signed for or not. Those words are so true but Americans are obsessed with sticking their heads into sand about it, well reality is still there when you need to breathe, or go bankrupt due to ignorance. You have to understand that certain cultures (I'll be friendly and stay generic) actually punish for not exploiting when they could, and punishment like getting beaten, not HR calling you into an office. If that's the case then I suggest you wake up cuz, i'd bet my life on this and laugh while doing it, I dare say that China has a few hyper-ambitious characters that will steam roll anyone to get ahead. God bless them, someone/group is going to eventually become the alpha and I hope they have so me good will despite dealing with seriously vicious characters. America did it. But I think it's more likely Drop was more aware than that, which means legitimate questions need to be answered. It's a PSA: Hey Linsoul, audiophiles actually do use their hearing, FYI. Hey Drop, I know how to use my ears, what's up with trying to play games on me with Linsoul? Having the Noble IEMs perpetually on sale for a price that is whatever, maybe appropriate, not IMO but whatever, is tolerable. It looks stupid, anyone who checks the site regularly sees that, so are you cool with really bad BSing? Or are you lazy and forget to change it? Are you hoping to snag enough drive-by ,that it's worth it?That's not very community like. So one item, improperly (IMO) taken care of, can cascade into serious effects. I could go on much deeper with just that, I could write a detailed essay and attack everything about the company because you have a stupid crack you won't fill, and i'm not malicious but I see what malicious people do a lot. I'd like to hear what Drop has to say, I'd rather hear nothing than PR stuff. You either got steam rolled by Linsoul, or you're aware of what they're up to and are helping them, or maybe you think they're honest people (translation: You're an American fool), they have mastered the art of deception and It's so hard for American's to get it until the cheerful voice and happy face are gone and so is your bank account. But you know design, are you placing all QC trust in your providers? I'm gunna cut myself off, I'm happy to have followed some breadcrumbs cuz I was about to start throwing thousands down Linsoul's gullet. Who wants to sell me something as audiophile quality knowing that I have ears and use them? I want to buy your stuff, I will do it. But you can't let con-artists beat you to the Amazon Choice or Drop Collaborations. I'll Let Fiio take-over from here...


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