Pulse Noire arrived in a bag?
Some drop items are available on Amazon.ca, I assume they are just buying and reselling. I ordered pulse noire and to my surprise they arrived in a single bag. They are covered in scuff marks and there is a couple permanent visible marks from the top of the keys which are quite annoying. I looked for unboxings and I found that standard pulse and XDA canvas are coming in a nice box with trays. However I did find one single review of pulse noire on YouTube and it was in a bag... Is this expected? Did I buy some kind of counterfeit product? Additionally there are lines and pressure marks and quite a few imperfections from the manufacturing process. Confirmed from other sources that this many imperfections would not be expected with a gmk set or other high-end product, I'm certainly not delivered in a single bag like they came the Bulk Barn. What's the deal? Should I return it to Amazon? Any input is greatly appreciated.


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