ReAlforce 87U Topre Recap - HowTo ?

Hey, sounds lame for such a saavy keyboard but I can't find a decent answer/procedure about how to recap my ReAlforce 87U. Should any of you could take the 10min to write me out of my blocking/pending points, would be much appreciated. SOooooo I am fully aware Topre switching recaping is not as easy as the MX(-compatible) ones, first of all because of the ....switch shape (problem that seems to be fixed from the Realforce RGB on? anyway...) Do I get it correctly, that my first decision is: a.) shall I introduce (JTK?) adapter/slider in order to choose whatever MX-compatible keycaps kits? (at the risk of loosing all the benefit of the Topre feel/noise/comfort...?) [*] b.) shall I find Topre-compatible keycaps kits ? (at the risk of being _very_ limited in choice, price and manufacturer ?) [*] even with slide, I still need to be veeeery careful about the keykap size/format itself, right? (a spacebar shape not simply being a spacebar shape, correct?) So - even with MX sliders/adapters - I still need to check if it is compatible with my board? Pheewww.... :P Oh, and did I mention I leave in EU/BE, so it should be ITAR-free too ? :/


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