Recently got this keyboard and am enjoying it. I've fooled around in the online config and can't for the life of me figure out how to ghost the windows key while playing some games.


Jun 21, 2020
If by "ghost the windows key" you mean disable it, then there are a few ways you can do it. By default you have 2 layers: layer 0 which is what you normally type on and layer 1 which is active when you hold the Fn key. Create another layer (layer 2) for your gaming layout. Assign the windows key to (none). On layer 1, assign a key to toggle the windows key behavior. For example, g. Set g to TG(2), which can be found under the layer tab. Now when you hit Fn+g, it will toggle layer 2 which will toggle functionality of the windows key. You can also use some LEDs to make it obvious what layout you are on. For example, you can set the windows key to be red when layer 2 is active. I hope this helps and wasn't too confusing! Here is the layout I made, feel free to use it if you want: