IEMs for the Gym (Running, Strength Training)

Hey MDers!
I did a preliminary search and found a few brief mentions, but would like to start a thread (or someone can point me to where there is another and I'll kill this one) for exercise-ready IEMs of good quality.
I'm an OTE full-size cans kinda guy at home. I struggle with IEMs that fit me well, and feel like I don't want to spend a ton else I get back to using OTE cans.
But I can't see being able to move freely/running with cans (even BT ones) at the gym. Maybe I'm wrong.
Anyway...question is, what is your favorite +/- $100 IEM (wired or wireless) that would stand up to gym use over a long-ish (couple years) period with proper care?
I've found plenty of clickbait "best of" gym headphone lists out there, but I'd prefer the trust of an audiophile community over good writers that aren't SMEs.
I've been using some cheap-o wired Panasonics from Amazon that hook in pretty well and I can beat on, but would prefer slightly better SQ if possible.
TIA for any recommends!


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