After almost a year... Hart Audio cable system.
Not much to say here except that a $200+ cable system from Hart is now useless. 3 headphone cables, and 2 connectors 4pXLR and 3.5MM. Connection broken in both leads. A 4pXLR and 3.5MM...

Seems the problem is with the design. Cables(earcup to mini xlr) has no stress points based on "MY" usage. However "MY" usage is the same as all you guys, desktop and stationary. The cable weight pulls on the very poor and non re-enforced solder joints. I now have 4 headphones with no connection to any amp... I will post pics of deconstructed cables in the next week. For now Hart = Garbage
thumb_upmindbender9 and bfitz

Jun 28, 2020
Would Hart be able to repair or replace for free or a lowered cost? How long have you had these cables (e.g. warranty)? Also, are the solder connections to the 4-pin XLR adapter cable (the short one with the mini-XLR) bad? Usually those solder points are stronger than a typical 3.5mm connector. Although I opted for Periapt balanced cables recently, I was looking at the Hart cables as an alternative. I hope the vendor can resolve this.
Jun 28, 2020