A keyboard for close to $400... Would someone be kind enough to educate me on what justifies the price for this? Be nice. :)


Feb 26, 2021
A few reasons why I chose to spend so much on this keeb...
  • - High build quality and craftsmanship with hot-swap capabilities.
  • - Just like Satsuyo said, the unique vaporware aesthetic & overall color scheme was very attractive to me personally.
  • - Finally; everything i've seen that MiTo has put his name behind, demands attention to detail and the passion and enthusiasm he has for this community shows in the final product. If I am going to shell out a good sum of money, it makes me feel better knowing that it's going to someone who truly cares about what they produce. He's highly respected (and for good reason). Hope this helps!
Jul 2, 2020
It's true, the price is pretty hefty, but considering this is (was) a limited run edition, that itself already makes the price a bit more than what you are used to seeing either on this site or somewhere else (ie. any other tech-related store). These keyboards are definitely more for the enthusiasts who enjoy the hobby (as with any hobby), so frankly any price would be 'justified' to a degree if you got the cash and are willing to spend some. I say this because I bought this exact one myself and I've just started getting into the hobby, and I can say after typing on it for a couple months now, comparing to my older keyboards (and they also weren't cheap boards either), the build quality, versatility (ie. the switches which you can hot-swap at any point to tailor to your needs), and aesthetic (particularly this because the entire product is a special edition) is definitely worth it if you are the type to dive into new/existing interests. I'm very into the vaporware-like colors of the entire set, so I'd say spending the amount that I did on this product was definitely worth it and I don't regret it. Hope this kinda helps, you're welcome to completely disagree if you think my reasoning didn't make sense to you.