New to Drop and Mech Keyboard world - Keysets of 84 keys?

Hi! I just got my second mech keyboard after (a lot of) research and saving up. I don't have the money for high end stuff as of yet - but I'm loving the community and my keyboards already. I have a Motospeed CK108 on Outemus Blues, it was my first keyboard and it's running great for 5 years now with simple maintenance only. And I just acquired Akko's 3084 on Cherry's Browns and blue keycaps set. It costs more than what I intended to spend overall - so bear with me here. I would like to give it a personal touch and get custom keycaps (I know good ones cost a lot - and I'm willing to save up and get a cool set) - but it's hard to find out what keysets would fit. All I know is that my right SHIFT key is unusual and pretty much there aren't any 84 keys set available anywhere (or am I missing something) Is there any other layout that would also fit in my keyboard? Any help is appreciated.

The common keycap sets carried by people like Tai Hao usually don't accommodate the odd layouts. And the companies that have molds for the atypical keys are fairly expensive. Check out KBDfans for keycaps. You need a 1.75u right shift