How will the Planck benefit me as a journalist and as a professor of English? Other than I can carry it everywhere. I think each student and faculty/staff member should have their own portable keyboard as a safety precaution since COVID-19. Much easier to disconnect and reconnect a 3.0 port on the front of the school's machine opposed to cleaning the keyboards between classes. IT can easily replace ports or computers. The Drop Alt is a log. So I am getting a Planck to lead by example. I am sure that many will have questions about the Planck. Can I easier navigate through a document? Anyone feel a Preonic would be better for my fields?

Jul 22, 2020
I think the beauty of a keyboard like this is the fact that you can program multiple layers, so any key you could ever want to press would never require you to move your hand off the home row. As for the number row on the preonic, I read that some people have just programmed a numpad layer onto their planck. If you mainly write in words, not numbers, I think the extra portability of the planck would work pretty well! :)
Jul 22, 2020
I wish someone would write a code for major word processors for journalist/writers for numbers, so that you could type out a number (9), control+shift+left arrow to highlight letters and then control+shift+up arrow or down arrow to swap it between numeric and alphabetical form. Something like that would be really helpful a board like this. Something like this probably exists and I just don't know about it. I really love the idea of the Planck though. I also look forward to learning it.