Sennheiser HD6xx or HD58X / Shipping to germany

Hello there! I'm currently looking to up my audio game. General intended purpose is mostly gaming, music listening, youtube and twitch. I'm currently using the beyerdynamics mmx300, both for audio and mic. An external usb mic already has been decided on and will be ordered as soon as its available. Now i come to the question at the top. Which of those two amazing looking headphones is 'better'? Or what are the biggest differences between them? I know it probably mostly comes down to the users own taste but i'm interested what others say. I'm pretty much an audio noob and only went with passable stuff in the past. I have to say that i have never been unhappy with the audio quality of my mmx300, it's great and i got a pretty good deal for it in 2018. Will i need an external dac and amp solution? And if so which? Or is my internal soundcard i got from a friend a few years back enough? (Asus Xonar DGX) What about cheap options like the FiiO E10K Olympus 2 a good friend recommended to me? Now to the other question. I've read in an older reddit post that drop also has items located in european warehouses? Is there a way i can see this? I'd rather avoid shipping that takes weeks and having to pay import and handling fees on top. Or would the best play be ordering a used pair of HD6xx off ebay? I'm sorry for any typos, english is only my second language :) I'm looking forward to any and all advice i can get.
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Jul 24, 2020
Adding to this: I saw a comment on another thread with basically the same general question about the difference between both headphones. So that question is basically answered. The comment i'm referring to In all my excitement i made the mistake of not looking if my questions have been answered before. Don't i look silly now :) I'm gonna look around if the other questions have been answered