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2016 Pen Show Haul

So, I just realized that my latest haul from the SF Pen Show this year totally matches my street bike.


Didja get anything fun from a show this year? Show of your haul here!
momiecat, Theroc, and 9 others

Thanks for sharing. Is there anywhere we can buy these pens now? I can't find these exact models on the FC official website. Or maybe a potential drop for the community here ;-)
Sometimes they'll have neat colors in The Stock Room section of their website, but mostly you have to see them at a pen show to pick up a new color prototype like this. We've been able to offer a custom-color Pocket 40 in the past, and are working on a new exclusive drop with them... all TBD. Don't worry though, as soon as it happens I'll announce it in Talk. :)
They are both Franklin-Christophs. The top looks like a Pocket 66, and the bottom is a Model 45? Both very nice pens.
Liz were you behind the counter helping them out? I spoke to a lady for awhile who may have been you...
Nah, it sounds like that was someone at FC. I was just wandering around tables, but most of my time was spent at the ink-testing station in the middle.
Great pens, what are they?
@TheSys was spot on; the larger one is a 66 (full-size), while the pink one is a 45.
That's pretty cool
Well.. I guess you know what you like :)