I’m new to this and I just bought a FiiO M11 DAP which does sufficiently amp my cans at 300 ohm’s so 2 questions: Is it a waste to buy this just for my DAP?


If its pushing your headphones loud enough then I personally wouldn't bother getting this to ONLY use it for the M11. It will be a cleaner signal, and much more power (88mW balanced for the m11 300 ohm vs's 200mW un-balanced or 800mW balanced) , but I wouldn't think it would be worth it unless your connecting it to your computer or something like that. And for Q2, you could get a 3.5mm to RCA to connect the M11 to the 789. Connect the 3.5mm end to the output on the M11 then the RCA'S to the input on the 789.