Aug 10, 2020: Creator Spotlight, Artisan Edition

Hello, aloha, or selamat pagi -- the weekly serialization of Creator Spotlights is here again! For all you newcomers, this is where I stretch across the vast interwebs (with the help of the community here too!) in search of cool and interesting content in the mechanical keyboard space. Videos, blogs, podcasts, everything is fair game. As this hobby grows, so will the number of creators in this space. My hope is that you’ll discover new info about this hobby at the same time as supporting the hard work of these creators. Artisan keycaps. We all have them, but do you know how they are made? This week’s curation is all about the artists and their creative process for designing and producing these mountable works of art. Thus, I humbly present to you this week’s review!  Artkey Universe
Lofi hip hop radio - beats to create keycaps to. Maybe you’ve heard of the ArtKey Universe team but have you seen their creative process? In this video, one of the members shows a demonstration video around casting a medieval artisan set. They also have a popular Instagram page which you can find hereHighmerz
Is Teemo OP? This next video is from Highmerz where he casts a single Teemo artisan keycap. With this one-off keycap, he shows how he handpaints all the details of the keycap to a Teemo-based soundtrack. Talk about patience! His channel also has all sorts of other artisan creations that I might surface in the future. Matthew Han 
This is a short and sweet video of Watthew Han creating a mold for a piggy artisan. While Matthew just started in the artisan making world, he just completed his first artisan group buy under the name Cosmo Caps on July 26, 2020! Hopefully we’ll see more from him in the future. All the best luck to Cosmo Caps! Like what you see here?  Give these creators your support with a subscribe, follow, or a nice comment. Also, as this is a new series, feel free to provide feedback here. What did you like? What did you not like? And most importantly, if you have creators you want to be featured leave them here too! 
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