First Time Order, Missing Parcel!
So I excitedly made my first order for the Drop for a SHIFT mechanical keyboard. But then, nothing turned up! The package is marking as delivered, but no sign of anything at all. I contacted Fedex about the delivery who told me to contact drop, which I did, but so far no reply to anything. It's been over a week since it was supposedly delivered and I'm pretty concerned. Has anyone had any experience with missing packages in this way? Any advice to get drop to reply?

Hi @Lilithgow ! I apologize for the delay in our responses as we are experiencing a higher ticket volume at this time. Please look out for my reply on your ticket for further assistance. Thank you!
Aug 15, 2020
Currently having problems with my HD6XX order that was supposedly delivered yesterday. Will report back with updates. My order is for the Netherlands and was shipped with DHL eCommerce though.
Hi @christophecricket , please look out for my reply on your support ticket as well. Thank you!