Drop ALT overheating(or disconnecting) issue

Hi, I recently received the Drop ALT keyboard. Overal I'm very pleased with it, but in the short span of 2 days that I have owned this keyboard, I have had a weird issue with it twice already. After having left it for a while (2+ hours) while turned on with LEDs at full brightness, and coming back to it, the LEDs are still on, but the keyboard itself is completely unresponsive. The metal casing and even the key caps feel quite hot however. Simply reconnecting the cable does not help (LEDs stay off and unresponsive still) I have to wait at least 15 minutes before connecting it again until it will actually work. I have tried using the keyboard with 2 different cables but on both two cables, the issue happened. I have not tried different USB ports (it was in a usb 3.0 port), but honestly I don't see how this could be a power draw issue (I would confirm this but I don't have a usb power meter at hand). Not entirely sure what's going on here, has anyone else had this issue before or know what could be the cause?
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The stock cable is probably the best option. It's picky with what cable you need to use. LEDs draw power, and metal is a conductor. So that why it gets hot
Aug 23, 2020
Thanks for the update. Data points like these are very helpful to us as well. Glad your keyboard is working fine now. Feel free to reach out if you have further questions or if issues arise.