Good beginner audiophile set up for use in the car?

Hi guys, newbie here. Music is a big thing for me, and I usually spend most of my time listening to music in the car. I want to increase the audio quality in my car, but I'm not sure which route to take. My car already has an aftermarket display that was installed by the previous owner. I've noticed that it has an equalizer but I've never played around with it. The speakers have also been replaced with some JBL ones, but that's about it. I understand that a wired connection is going to sound much better than Bluetooth. What cable would be best for an android user? Would it be worth it to invest in a portable DAC? Or should my first priority be to install better hardware? I primarily listen to metal, so if there are any products that are geared towards that kind of sound, that would be preferable. Also, budget isn't entirely an issue, but for anything that I won't be able to use in my next car, I don't want to spend more than $1,000 :)

Aug 17, 2020
I hate to say, it but in a car you could easily spend thousands and still not get anywhere close to the sound quality you'd get for a fraction of that with a home system. Believe me, I've been there. The problem is there are thousands of different cars, and the two, maybe four, sets of speakers that aftermarket companies sell that will fit your car are also expected to fit all of them. So universal fitment is one issue. Then you also have alignment. You don't sit dead center of your car, so the sound is reaching you at different times and at different angles. Add on top that, you still have to deal with reflections and absorption. There's lots of curved glass reflecting sound all over, right next to upholstery that is absorbing the sound. I think some of these issues can be fixed with the new DSP systems that try to fix the freq response and time alignment issue, but I've never used one and they can be pricey. I'd say, go check out your local car audio shop. They can give you a better idea of what your options are. As far as being able to use the gear in your next car, pretty much anything you install can be taken back out. It'll mostly depend on how involved your install gets and after a certain point it's easier/cheaper to just leave it in as a selling point than to try to put everything back to stock. Besides there may be better gear you want or better suited to the new car by that time.
Aug 21, 2020
Subwoofers vary in size. You could get one that fits under the passenger seat (if there’s enough room) or one that fits flush against the side of the trunk area. A box the size of a milk rate should give you sufficient bass. Do a quick Google search for images of subwoofer installs in a RAV4 to get ideas. Don’t know where you’re located, but you could talk to an installer at Best Buy or a local car audio shop. also has lots of good info. You’ll also need a place to install the amplifier. Perhaps it could go on the backside of the rear seats or against one side of the trunk. Again, talk to an installer. You’ll need a power cable to connect the amp to your car battery and wires to connect it to your head unit and to all the speakers. You will have to give up some trunk space but not too much with the right setup. I hope this helps!
Aug 22, 2020
It definitely does, thank you! Once I have some money saved I'll head down to this place down the way and see what they recommend. I would go to Best Buy but sometimes I feel like they're too pushy with some of their products ¯\_(ツ)_/¯