The new colored high profile aluminum cases.

Hi I really want the new high profile colored cases the blue one to be exact. However I never built a mechnical keyboard before. What other parts would I need to purchase to complete the keyboard other than the blue case. Switches stabilizers and do I have to buy the hot swap pcb as well?

Aug 23, 2020
They are mostly for the people who already own a CNTRL who are looking to switch up their cases, but as of right now the PCBA for the CNTRL and the ALT aren't available for purchase by themselves, but will be in the future. (But to answer your question, yes you'd need 87 plate mount switches (or PCB but you'd just have to snip off the two extra legs to fit), plate mount stabilizers, and then keycaps.
Aug 23, 2020
I think there is only one cheap PCB as of last year that fits the alt, and not very securely. It'll only screw in to the 2 outer holes on the top and bottom of either side, but there is no middle support, which eventually will cause the PCB to sag and break. I was trying to find the post on Geekhack, but couldn't. Someone had attempted to create one that would work in the alt at one, and from my understanding they were sent a cease and desist order. Elmar was saying that the PCBA will not likely be until next year. I'm holding my breath. I'll have 2 cases that'll need a PCB. Hopefully, they don't change the screw hole positionings.

Aug 24, 2020
Ok thanks for the reply. I’m debate on to wait it out and wait until they start selling the pcb or should I just buy the atl and than buy this case down there road. Mmmm