Wrist Check
Today’s Wrist-Check is again, a repeat / final update on my Seiko SNK803 & 809.  I ditched the planned leather straps and settled on polished / brushed stainless steel bracelets with butterfly clasps. Although these are low cost bracelets, they are solid (not folded) and shipped with both straight and curved end links. Note: The supplied curved end links were nothing more than thin stainless steel stamped metal and failed to fit properly in between the lugs of my SNK’s. The curved end links were to be attached to the lugs separately via an 18mm spring bar then the solid bracelet would attach to the end links with a compression pin much like the rest of the solid links on the bracelet. The spring bar holes on the watch lugs just didn’t lineup with the spring bar placement inside the curved end link, it was off by just a hair....shucks! The supplied straight solid end link fit perfectly and was also pre-milled to accept a quick release spring bar...nice. Overall, I love the look of my modded pair of SNK’s much better than with the planned leather or nato straps. Also, the bracelets don’t taper down in millimeters from the lugs to a smaller millimeter at the clasp.

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