Aug 24, 2020: Creator Spotlights

Another week, another dollar, and another edition of Creator Spotlights. If you’re a first time reader, this is a weekly thread where I highlight three pieces of content from the keyboard community. Videos, blogs, photos, anything is fair game! There’s a bunch of interesting keyboard content so this is an opportunity for the creators to gain more traction and for the readers like you to find something new!  Minterly (Instagram)
Our first Instagram share is the account of a Minterly. Known in the community as an artisan creator, if you’re looking to get some more keyboard content in your Instagram feed, give her a follow. Outside of Instagram, she also has both a Youtube channel and Twitch channel if you want to follow more of her work!  Tiny Makes Things (TikTok)
Have you heard of this new fangled thing called TikTok? TinyMakesThings sure has since she’s a star over there. Another artisan maker, she makes TikToks showing off the artistry of artisans and hopefully igniting the curiosity of first-time viewers. Tiny is also popular on Twitch if you want to catch her there.  Click and Switch
PBT vs ABS? What’s the difference? Click and Switch is an upcoming creator on Youtube and this particular video is her talking about the differences between the two plastic types. If you’re newer to the hobby and want to get a quick primer, this is the choice for you. If you follow her channel, she posts mainly comparison videos and type testing. Our CTRL has made a few cameo appearances there!  Like what you see here?  Give these creators your support with a subscribe, follow, or a nice comment. Also, as this is a new series, feel free to provide feedback here. What did you like? What did you not like? And most importantly, if you have creators you want to be featured leave them here too!


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