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Any thoughts on the new iPhone?

Any thoughts on the new iPhone or do you use android
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I'm an android guy. I just can't get over it's customizability and material design makes me happier than anything else on this planet
Me too, altho I actually dont care about the customizability that much, as long as i can pick my background/lockscreen and have a nice dark theme/interface im happy. Oh, and a dedicated back button is a must.
I love Apple personally. 8 yeas ago in high school I had the Android phones (LG G1/G2), and loved them until I used the iPhone. The overall feel of the iPhone is silky smooth, and less encumbersome. The touch screen feels more responsive on IPhones, the screen is extremely vibrant, easy to use operating system, and it's simple. Android users always elude to the fact that they're phones have more options, and personal customization. That's not what I want in my phone. That's what I use my home desktop computer for. My cellphone is for making calls, on the fly research, gps, and music in the car. While android can do this, Apple does it much better.
Lol I have a G2 right now, i love it, altho it gets a little laggy sometimes and the camera sucks, but thats what i get for not being willing to spend any money on phones. I can see why you like apple tho, I had an ipod video when they came out and I really enjoyed the device and its interface, altho i never cared for itunes much. Personally I find iPhones very confusing to navigate but im sure it becomes easy with a day of use like anything. I like having a clean simple and dark interface on my phone, or anything really, and I actually think thats a strong point of android, and equally apple. Its really almost just visual preference these days as hardware specs are basically the same now. I just cannot stand white or light themes on anything. By dark theme/interface i mean like the zune hd, i think that was the best UI ever made honestly.
iOS user here, I will stick with my iPhone 6 until it breaks or they reconsider removing the headphone jack.
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Sorry, Bluetooth sounds awful, specially on Apple devices that don't support aptX. I've switched my music-listening over to an Android-powered Onkyo DP-X1 to get higher capacity and a high-res DAC. As for the Sennheisers, I don't know about the 2.0 but the wired version got really poor reviews on Head-Fi. I have a perfectly decent pair of B&O H6v2 and I'd like to keep using them, thank you very much.
The iPhone 7 does have advantages like water-resistance and a very fast CPU (faster than a Mac Pro on Geekbench single-core performance!) but those really don't matter to me as my main mobile device is actually my iPad and I only use the iPhone for Apple Pay and phone calls (what a novel idea!).
Couple things. First your hearing maybe better than mine but I don't notice much of a difference between android phones and Apple...both wired and wireless. Again, listen isn't going to be spectacular in general on a phone least imo.
As for the sennheisers, I checked out both the wired and wireless. I noticed a pretty significant difference between the two and though the wireless were better. To be fair though, I was in a loud store and perhaps the noise cancelling helped when comparing the two.
At the end of the day though...I'm not looking for a hifi experience out of my phone but rather convenience as are a majority of users and I feel going wireless it better. Lastly, the types of environments I'll be i while listening through my phone negate any advantage high quality gear would give....for example an airplane.
To each his own, but I think at the end of the you have to remember that this is still a low powerder smartphone and if you're just plugging solely into this, it's not going to be super special anyway.
I don't like fruit ;) I was waiting for the Pixel XL, but after seeing the Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe 256Gb version ... enough said !
One thing that really impressed me with the 7 (that i didn't expect, since i thought it was just a "sales gimmick"), was the new haptic feedback feature. The reason i prefer Apple phones is simply because of the feel of the product, so other than the taptic engine, nothing really impressed me. It doesn't flex, but the aluminum feels a bit "hollow", and the screen doesn't have that "glas" feel that the 3g had (could just be false nostalgia though), so nothing new there.
Other than that, i havn't notice any differences yet other than the better screen/colors, speakers, and faster browsing. The "no jack" situation havn't bothered me yet, since i just leave the adapter on my IEMs or put it in my wallet.
i consider iphones a small investment, since i ALWAYS get my money back with new iphones. personally, i think iphones are way overpriced for what they are. But since demand is so high at all times, it's a good investment.
i'm currently using iphone 6 plus. at the time of release it was competing with note 4. check current prices. note 4 can be bought for about $180~$220. i can easily sell my 6 plus for $350. both models were same price at time of release.
and this happens to all androids. within 1 year they lose sooooo much value. Sure they are bigger, faster, more customizable, more everything. but at the end of the day they are worth less than apple products.
besides, i don't have time to play with phones. i only use it for email, facebook, linkedin, gps, and spotify which connects to my car. Both android and apple do these tasks equally well. so at the end of the day it comes down to value for me. i don't want to be spending $800 every 2 years. but i do want a new phone every 2 years. apple makes the transition less painful for me as far as $$$$$ goes.
It's a phone that does phone things and looks pretty sleek. I don't like big phones tho, so I'm sitting on the iPhone SE. I have my old Nexus 5 floating around somewhere as well. They're both pretty terrible in their own way lol Still waiting on the ability to put android on Apple hardware or iOS on a Nexus.
I'm not an apple fanboy I use a Galaxy S7 Edge. But facts are facts, Apple humiliates android phone manufacturers once again by introducing features others won't be able to catch up in years. Android phones still don't have a precise vibrator like the heptic engine. Most android phones still don't have water resistance. Android phones still don't have ambient adaptive display introduced in iPad Pro. Apple yet gain demolishes the chip performance competition, no android phones comes close to the performance and efficiency of the A10 fusion. No android phone is even close to the storage performance of the iPhone 6s, we don't even know ho ridiculously fast the 7 is yet. But of course most android don't even have the technical knowledge to understand what those are. All they know is scream meaningless specs like 2K DISPLAY!!!! 5000MHA BATTERY!!!! 10-CORE PROCESSORS!!!!
I am disappointed however, by the iPhone's bokeh effect. It looks just as terrible as what has been done in other Android phones.
I have a One+ X, great phone for the price.
It pisses my off that they can pull of something this incredibly stupid
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No, its a combination of things 1. no wireless charging 2. cant listen to music and charge at the same time without bluetooth, or using in-phone speakers which everyone around you can hear 3. maybe some people use the built in speakers, but i never do 4. still WAY to little battery life for a FLAGSHIP PHONE 5. lightning to jack adapter necessary for the vast majority of people which just ends up making the device more bulky than in the first place 6. slightly water resistant, really? 7. dual camera only in the larger phone, apple pushing to larger more expensive product 8. why no dual sim
Apple already said they are giving lighting to 3.5 mm headphone jack converters with every iPhone 7 sold.
Have both. iPhone is my work phone and I have a Nexus 6P for my personal phone. Definitely prefer Android over IOS. Ive no real interest in the new iPhone at all at this point.
apart from not having a headphone jack, I hate to admit but many of the features are pretty good for an iPhone i.e. IP67 water resistance, wide angle tele-photo dual cameras with 2x optical zoom (on iPhone 7 Plus), and a much faster GPU. Now, I'm aware that there are many android phones out there that can provide you with same, if not better, features but it came as a surprise to me that Apple has made a phone as good as iPhone 7 (Plus). That is not to say that it's now superior to high end android phones, it's just better than what I expected it to be.
I have 4s at the moment and planning on getting SE with my next contract simply because I don't like large screens. As for 7, I don't quite see any "shut up an take my money" kind of features. New camera is cool indeed and I wish there were more features for that double cam setup. With respect to the jack, I like that they dare to make such decisions and I wonder how that would work out for them.
I like apple very much, but am not a fan of no 3.5 mm jack. I do love the new camera tho!
The new Samsung Note 7 is so much better than the iPhone 7
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Except for the explosions and fire, sure
Even with the explosions. At least it has a headphone jack and isn't a near pointless "upgrade" over the last generation!
I have both but heavily prefer my Android. Tbh I won't be getting the iPhone 7 since it doesn't have a headphone jack.