Do ______ switches work well with my RGB keyboard?

Left this as a review for the 63 super-mega-uber-plus switch tester, but figured it also belonged in the Communities section in case anyone can't pull it up via search. Will cook up some copypasta from the review but add in some good tidbits to keep in mind. If you're not sure about "plate mount" vs "pcb mount" switches, all this means is that since plate mount switches are mounted on the plate of the keyboard, they can sit directly on it, with the cathode/anode connectors of the switch going into the PCB from there. Since PCB mount switches sit directly on the printed circuit board, they're held in place by having two plastic supports that protrude from the bottom of the switch. These can removed without worry for keyboards like the ALT and the CTRL. I use wire clippers for this with my hands inside a grocery bag, since they fly off like nail clippings. But anyways, if you're buying switches and aren't sure how well they'll work with your RGB backlit keyboard, these pictures with the switch tester's legend should be capable of answering this for most switches. I highlight the Gaterons in pink because even though they are listed as SMD, you may be able to see that with the milky housing, they may still obstruct the light to some degree. The others boxed in red have a slot to allow for plenty of light to come through, or are fully transparent, like we wish our governments would be. If you're like me and sit on your computer in a dark room regularly and require a backlit keyboard, take note of this! Hope it helps others in the future.

search Any endorsements on this post and the review are appreciated! Just typed this up in about 15 minutes, so I'm sure there's probably some points I meant to mention and forgot. Feel free to add any bits o' wisdom in the replies below.


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