Sep 8, 2016157 views

high quality budget headphones?

So my sister needs some new headphones any good over ear headphones around the 50 - 70 dollar range?

Phillips SHP9500 or Creative Aurvana Live!
Sony MDR V6, Creative Aurvana Live, Grado SR80
I'd vote for the akg 240 as well
If open is okay, Philips SHP9500 for sure.
Trakstar 80
I love my AKG K240 mk2's. right now on Amazon $88.00 the K240's are only $61.00 with pretty solid reviews on head fi and Amazon.
Going under the impression that your sister doesn't want/need audiophile equipment, you should check out what Massdrop has to offer! Currently, at the mentioned price point, you have the: MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6 Earphones, Thinksound Rain3 IEMs, First Harmonic IEB6 IEM, TFZ Series 5 IEM, MEE Audio Rumble Bluetooth Headphones, and the MEE Audio X7 Plus Bluetooth earphones. All of these products are voted on by Massdrop's great audiophile community, which means that real people wanted them! Check them out, and you'll find gear that meets your price point quite adequately.