Creator Spotlight: Week of 08/31

What’s going on my dudes and dudettes. It’s been a click of the switch and we’re already at the end of August. Thankfully, you’ll have this newest edition of creator spotlights to help you prepare for the next month amirite? Anyways, if you’re a first time reader, this is a weekly thread where I highlight three pieces of content from the keyboard community. Sometimes I go with a theme. Sometimes I don’t! It’s whatever the ASTROLOKEYS© BY SAILORHG & CASSIDOO point me to. What’s important is that we share the great effort and works of creators in the mechanical keyboard community!  With the usual introduction out of the way, here are today’s three picks!  Nuts
How much more custom could you get other than fashioning your own case out of wood? Keyboard enthusiast plus woodchopper Nuts documents the process from start to finish in making his own wooden keyboard case. Shot is true home recording style, you can really see all the little details and steps that he has to do. If you look through his channel, you can see the finished product as well. Hadi Iskandarani
If you ever wondered how PCBs are designed, check out this video that teaches you how to make your own! It really shows how useful and well designed the KLE is. So far the series has 6 total videos and each of them are quite technical. By going through these videos maybe you’ll be inspired to design and produce your very own PCB! If you’ve watched all the videos included in previous week’s publications it’ll be all  Zhongyu Wang
In this week’s keyboard mod suggestion we have a $0 DIY foam sound dampener. If you think your keyboard sounds a little too hollow and want to take on a quick little project, try following the instructions in this video. It’ll cost you nothing and might be the finishing touch on your keyboard. I wonder if this will work on the Drop keyboards?  Like what you see here?  Give these creators your support with a subscribe, follow, or a nice comment. Also, as this is a new series, feel free to provide feedback here. What did you like? What did you not like? And most importantly, if you have creators you want to be featured leave them here too!  Thanks!


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