Sep 10, 2016309 views

Any Europens?

I´d like to know if there are any europeans out here who now how much to pay for taxes etc. If so it would be awesome to hear some things about paying them like how much or even if u have to.

It really depends on your country. In most countries there is a threshold value below which you don't have to pay any import tax/vat/duties/etc. If the value of your order exceeds that threshold then you will probably have to pay something. In many coutries it's the normal rate of VAT. Also there may be a small import duty, but those are really small nowadays (a few percent or less). But as I said, really depends on where you live.
In Turkey, if pack value less than 100 usd no tax apply, otherwise add another 20% for tax.
In Russia (it's partially in Europe, right?) there is a 1000 EUR limit of goods you can get from abroad per month without getting taxed. It's good enough unless you buy something really expensive and the tax is there to prevent people from trading without paying taxes, I guess. With this limit, I never paid the import tax in my entire life.
On the other hand, Massdrop stopped shipping to Russia for some reason about 2 years ago, which sucks. I do occasionally participate in the drops, but I have to use the mail forwarding services, which isn't as convenient as just getting it straight from MD, and usually it's more expensive.