How long does it take for Drop Customer support take to respond to emails?

I sent an email a week ago (August 31st) for warranty claim and still haven't gotten an email back, just a support ticket number. This is for the PC37X.
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Sep 16, 2020
This is my #1 complaint with Drop. I understand (I think!?) how the process of product ordering, "drops", etc. and they generally deliver items you purchased in a reasonable time. But "service after the sale" needs attention. They are slow and I've had to send at least two emails to get their attention. I wish the "community" would express their frustration (kindly, not mean or rude) to Drop to improve on their customer service after the sale.
I've had my 2nd replacement Panda headphones pending a response since 8/25 when it was forwarded to the engineering team. They definitely appear backed up, sent a follow-up after the stated timeframe in the email and still pending a response.
Sep 8, 2020
Did you get a reply from them? I had a problem with an order and I emailed them about 1 week ago. I'm still waiting for a reply
CS is very busy since COVID caused a lot of issues. Please be patient @jennychin
Hi @ambroise! I apologize for the delay in our responses as we are experiencing a higher ticket volume at this time. Please look out for my reply on your support ticket for further assistance! @HoneySlime - I do see that a member on our team has assisted you. Please head over to your support ticket for assistance. Thank you!