Ordering Seinnheiser 58x from Canada - Fees
Hi there! I just had a few questions regarding ordering from Massdrop in Canada. I am currently in Vancouver, so pretty close to the border. I am just wondering, I wanted to get the 58Xs since I've heard very good things, and I am just wondering, what would I be expected to pay in terms of fees and taxes? When I check out, it only says I am paying for shipping which is 15 USD, but there's no mention of the tax. Would it even be worth it to purchase these headphones from Canada if the fees would be enormous when I do end up getting them? And also, one final question, does anyone know how long it would take to receive the item? Would Covid have any effect on the delivery time at all? Sorry for any dumb questions, I am just super new to all of this haha, but I appreciate the help nonetheless! Thanks!