next big CIEM drop?

I've been looking into getting my first pair of ciems, and they way i see it its top tier or nothing. I've got some LCD-3f's which i love, but my appartment isn't silent and i have more to gain with isolation then any other upgrade, so time for customs!
Take the current EI.xx drop, a good deal but not for me, as the Harmony 8's are only 1040$ msrp and have dropped before AND are much more to my likeing . The reviews say the EI.xx is good and very good for the price, but still if I were about to spend ~700$ on a custom I would much rather spend and extra ~300$ to get one i really want.
look at the 64 ears drop, their entire universal range for rock bottom prices and the 12 and 10 driver units sell out instantly. The possibility of 'top teir' products in the 900-1k$ range makes the 600-900$ range much less attractive.
So for the next drop lets focus on getting one of the just over 1K$ genuine giant killers to drop for a respectable price. AAW W500 would be my first choice at the moment, hybrid with 4 BA's in a 5 way crossover with adjustable base. Must have base extension and engaging minds so H8 would be good too if CA wants to do another.
I'm open to suggestions. looking for ciem with a similar signature to my LCD-3, hopefulling one we can get to drop for a decent price.


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