so, my build came with the led/rgb lights on the pcb. I don't see a way to turn them off. Is this a keyboard combo or built into the firmware to turn them off at will?

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Jul 31, 2021
Press and hold Lower and Raise, and then press E to switch the LEDs off or on.
Nov 20, 2020
Yup definitely a nice surprise to have LEDs included on the board. I basically did the same as @Dog_OK. Mapped the RGB options to various keys so I could switch to the colour I wanted then flashed back to the defaul keymap. BL_SHIFT which is mapped to the bottom left key by default doesn't seem to do anything, which is probably because BL is disabled or there aren't any cycle settings in the default firmware. You could leave that key as RGB_Toggle to have a permanent button to turn on/off RGB easily. For newbies like me below is the exact process I followed (on Windows):
  • Navigate to:
  • Select the Keyboard Settings tab under Keycodes
  • Drag RGB_Toggle to the bottom left key (BL CYCLE)
  • Optional: If you want to change the colour map Hue, Sat, Bright to other keys (I used the arrow keys)
  • Click Compile at the top right and wait for the potatoe to bake! :)
  • Click the Firmware button which will become available after compilation (downloads the *.bin)
  • Download QMK Toolbox: (I used the portable .exe version)
  • Open QMK Toolbox (install drivers if prompted)
  • Make sure your Planck is plugged in and press the reset button on the bottom
  • You should see STM32 Bootloader connected in the console (don't worry about it stating the driver isn't installed)
  • Select Open and browse to the .bin file you compiled
  • Click Flash
  • Wait for it to finish (do not unplug your keyboard or you might brick it)
  • Use the keys to change RGB settings
  • Optional: Follow the same process to change back to the default keymap (RGB settings will remain as saved in EEPROM I believe)
Apr 11, 2021
Bottom of the keyboard, you need a pin or something to press it.
Jul 31, 2021
Press and hold Lower and Raise, and then press Q to reset the keyboard ready for flashing the firmware. It’ll make a sound. You can also push the physical reset button via the hole on the underside of the keyboard with a paperclip. To return to normal keyboard function, remove and then re-attach the USB cable. Do NOT detach the cable while you’re flashing a new firmware though; wait until it’s finished.
Nov 14, 2020
I was able to turn them off by adding the RGB toggle bind to my layout with the QMK configurator online. It was a nice unexpected surprise that the PCB came with RGB!