Need help picking the right Headphone cables.

I ordered a 1MORE TRIPLE DRIVER OVER-EAR HEADPHONES for my FIIO M11 DAP It takes 2.2 or 4.4 Balanced Headphone Cables. Is there Cable you suggest? The plug I was think of using 4.4? What do you think? I'm new to this. Thank you. George

Sep 16, 2020
I have purchased 2 sets of custom Hart Audio Cables, 1 for my Sennheiser HD 6XX and 1 for my HIFIMAN HE-4XX with balanced termination. They sell a cool interconnect system so you can buy whatever final termination you want or several, and then your headphone cables terminate to their small interconnect. I've paid a few extra bucks for longer cables (you can also choose from 100s? of colors of 550 paracord chart for $2.00 and added length for a very reasonable cost). Be sure to study their site and custom options carefully. They're also good about replying to questions. I'm about to order another set for my Shure SE846 in ears so I can have a balanced termination for them. While I've not purchased from Periapt Interconnects, they also have a good reputation for cables. I traded a few emails with them as well but they did not have a particular cable I wanted. Good luck!
Sep 28, 2020
Thank you.