Hifiman xx

Hey guys, does anyone have experience with these 3 headphones ? Ananda, hifiman xx, sundara ?

Sep 22, 2020
My advice is to actually buy a HE-4XX if you've never heard a Hifiman. They have this distinct kind of timbre and sound that some people don't like (granted, this applies for every brand). I didn't mind the Ananda, but didn't think it was anything spectacular and thought the Arya was much better. The Sundara isn't bad either, but it feels especially cheap and I've heard a lot of horror stories about its build quality. This all being said, I find the new generation Hifiman stuff (think HE1000 and later) to not match my taste. They've traded heft and impact for more speed; essentially they sound more like STAX electrostats (not quite the same, but you get the idea). I much prefer the old-school stuff like my modded HE-6.
Sep 16, 2020
I purchased a set of HIFIMAN HE-4XX from Drop. for $160.00-ish they are great planars. I have large ears so the one complaint I have is the circular pad is a bit small for me. I have to constantly adjust the ear pads as they're a bit uncomfortable. I cannot wear them as long as I can the Sennheiser HD6XX. The sound-stage, bass, clarity are all great for a planar at this price so if you're fortunate not to have giant ears (like moi), I think you'll love them. BTW, I'm driving them with the Topping A90 & D90 MQA, balanced connection.