Is there a Clicky Linear switch option for the Drop Alt?
I apparently have carpal tunnel in my left hand, possibly in addition to other issues in my left arm. After some research I think I need something like red linear switches because pressing my Razer Greens (roughly the same as clicky blue on other brands) is just too hard on my left arm now. However, I both like the clicky sound and use it to help me type. From what Im reading Kailh Bronze is a linear switch but has a click sound. Im hoping this means its like a cherry MX red in terms of being easier to press but still makes the sound without causing additional force to actuate the key. In short, does the Drop Alt come with an option on the Drop shop when I order it that is comparable to the kailh bronze, or otherwise something similar to a cherry MX red but one that still clicks without adding any more force to press the key? EDIT: Decided not to take the chance it would sell out and ordered it with the silver linears. The pricing was better to just buy it prebuilt with the linears and the caps, and just buy whatever switch to hotswap in later if I dont like the non-clickyness. Still would be interested in switches that were easier to press than the blues/razer greens, but still clicked, if anyone has suggestions. Thanks for any suggestions!

If you want clicky MX switches. The only options are click jackets (MX blues), and click bars (i.e Kailh BOX Jade). The BOX Jade is heavy and won't help with the carpal tunnel. Look through here.
Sep 19, 2020
mx rgb blue
Sep 18, 2020
kahil silent box browns are soft and have the click along with being less harsh on your fingers.