[Jelly Key] Zen pond III artisan keycaps
Zen pond iii – cherry circle of life artisan keycaps
More infomation & photos: https://www.jellykey.com/artisan-keycaps/zen-pond-iii
In the previous chapters of Zen Pond in Eden, we’ve learned the very basics about Koi in the Eden world, their origin, and how they can reincarnate from carps, only to be born again in the form of Koi fish. They are seen as a symbol of the dragons’ calm after they finally gain a life purpose and quietly serve their lord. This mostly relates to the Zen status in the human mind when we look for peace and harmony in life.

eden is here to stay All of that, is the Eastern myth. Here in the Eden world, things are a bit different. Or to be more exact, things just don’t stop there. As an extraordinarily divine creature in this magical world, Koi fishes can’t opt-out from being transformed into something even greater than they have already been. But the process only happens when these Koi reach 1000 years of age, a long enough time for them to fully grow and thrive on their body, soul, and mind. So when the time comes, a millennium has passed, Koi fishes are destined to be reborn into dragons with the supreme power to guard Eden in many essential ways. This is the true gist of Koi’s reincarnation into dragons living all together in a heavenly world. two…is better than one With that kind of power, there’s no denying that it will require an extensively large course of challenges for the Kois to take as a test of their potentiality. They have to prove whether they have what it takes to guard the Eden world in the name of mighty dragons, not under Koi fish anymore. But the quintessence here lies in the fact that these evolved creatures still possess the very powerful characteristics of perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose – traits that can only be found in Koi living in the Eden world.

we have 12 sizes in this collection

  • 1u – Cherry profile R4
  • 1.5u – Cherry profile R3 – “Tab” & “\
  • 1.75u – Cherry profile R2 – “Capslock
  • 2u – Cherry profile R4 – “Backspace
  • 2.25u – Cherry profile R2 – “Enter
  • 2.25u – Cherry profile R1 – ” Left Shift
  • 2.75u – Cherry profile R1 – “Right shift
  • 3u – Cherry “Spacebar” for “Filco Minila
  • 3u – SA profile “Spacebar” for “Filco Minila
  • 6.25u – Cherry “Spacebar
  • 6.5u – Cherry “Spacebar” for “Corsair
  • 7u – Cherry “Spacebar
More infomation & photos: https://www.jellykey.com/artisan-keycaps/zen-pond-iii

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