Updated PCB for the Drop CTRL/ALT?
Hello All, I'm writing this post to gauge how others would feel if the current CTRL/ALT PCB's where updated to support 5-pin switches and potentially even holes for PCB mount stabilisers. I understand that if both 5-pin switch capabilities and PCB mount stabilisers where made available for the PCB there would need to be slight modifications made to the case of the particular keyboard, i will elaborate on my thoughts on this topic below. I have also heard issues with north facing LED's and getting some sort of interference when it comes to using certain switches with Cherry profile keycaps such as GMK, if anyone has encounter this please share in the comments below as i have personally not faced this issue on my CTRL. I would love to see a new PCB be offered on the drop store for the CTRL and ALT that can be bought separately that supports both 5-pin switches and PCB-mount stabilisers. Extra cases and switches are offered as a stand alone product on the Drop Store and i feel like an updated PCB that users could purchase separately to not have to clip their switches as well as have the option to use far more high quality stabilisers. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. If any DROP employee is reading this i would appreciate any information regarding this topic. 5-Pin Switches: Introducing a new PCB that CTRL and ALT users can purchase that supports 5-pin switches would be a wonderful upgrade and would offer users who dont want to clip switches a way to use their favorite switches on the CTRL/ALT. Users might not want to clip their switches as they would become loose and unstable when using them with other boards especially with plate-less ones. I can see how a change like this could pose an issue with the traces going through the PCB but if there where slight modifications made to where the traces are positioned it could easily accommodate room to cut out the extra 2 holes needed to support 5-pin switches. PCB-Mount Stabilisers: This is where it can get a bit difficult, i believe that having the option to use PCB-mount stabilisers would be awesome and much better than using Plate-mount stabilisers, for this feature to be implemented there would need to be adjustments made as to how the traces are positioned in the PCB as well as the 4 extra holes that need to be cut out for every stabilised key. Another issue that could play a big factor is the stabilisers and their clearance with the case, this is where i think there will need to be a bigger adjustment made as it would require adjustments to both the case and the PCB. From the looks of it, it seems like the only adjustments that need to be made to the case are the stabiliser cutouts need to be made slightly larger to accommodate for the extra space needed by the PCB mount stabiliser. For existing users i feel like they have the option to either ignore the holes on the PCB and continue to use the plate as a means of securing the stabilisers (plate mount stabs) or they could DIY a solution by filing down the areas where the plate mount stabilisers would sit, thus creating room for the PCB mount stabilisers.
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Updated PCBAs are already in the works. They will be a standalone offering as well. PCBA-mount switch support will be added, but PCBA-mount stabilizer support is TBD.
Likely next year. I cannot provide anything more specific at this point.
Oct 23, 2020
This is good news if the standalone PCB would for sale. I got the drop alt HP, barebones LP and another LP case. So I will have 3 functional drop alt keyboards if this were to happen :D
Sep 20, 2020
This sounds great and count this as a vote for a revised PCB. But don't kid ourselves. This would be a v2 for ALT/CTRL, not an upgrade as existing keebs couldn't use this from the sound of it and the existing cases in the store wouldn't either.
Sep 25, 2020
I hope that Drop can introduce this as a standalone product, being able to purchase a new PCB on its own would also assist users who have broken their PCB as a result of their own action thus not being able to claim warranty on the product.
Sep 25, 2020
Yeah I hope it can be made to be purchased as a stand alone PCB, as I would rather not have to purchase an entire new ALT just for the PCB to use in the high profile off-white case. I love that we will be getting PCBA mount switch support, but I hope that doesn't mean only sold as a full ALT /CNTRL keyboard purchase. (I'd even be happy with purchasing the current ALT PCB from an ALT that might have been returned with a case flaw or scratch. So then people could be able to possibly purchase a PCB by itself and then I'm sure some people would love to purchase just a black or silver high profile ALT or CNTRL case (with slight imperfections etc). That might be too much work in the long run, but just an idea if there was alot of slightly imperfect ALT/CNTRL in stock. But either way I'm def pumped about the new 3+5 pin supported PCBS. I'm fine with the north facing LEDS since that's where the backlit legends are on the keycaps and I've personally never had an issue with any clearance on cherry or any other keycaps. Also I would like to possibly be able to use the second usb-c pass through port for maybe plugging in a USB-C Yubikey or maybe a USB-C thumb drive with usb 3.0 /3.1 speeds. But if they've already began being made then no worries. Just throwing some stuff out there.