First time headphone buyer

hi I am a first time over ear headphones buyer and I am wondering whether I should go with wireless or wired???

Sep 30, 2018
Get a Stax SR-009
Sep 30, 2018
If you intend use it mainly on the go and need noise-cancelling features- or if you think cables are a real pain or want to look cool- go for wireless. That said, wireless headphones are usually way pricier than their equivalent counterparts
Sep 30, 2018
Go wired if you can. It sounds better.
Having said that I have a pair of B&W PX for travel and if you plug them in to a decent AMP/DAC (well it defeats the purpose I guess) they sound very good.
For travel they are great. You can have a listen to them at Best Buy (Magnolia) to see if you like them. They have other headphones as well including some open back ones.
Best is to go have a listen and see what you like and buy the one that sounds good to you.
Mar 15, 2018
Wired all the way. I'd only say to go wireless if you're okay with the exorbitant price tags and really need to have certain features (such as the convenience of not having a cable or the great noise cancellation that come with headphones such as the Sennheiser PXC 550s or Bose QuietComfort 35). Overall audio quality will always be better on wired headphones (given they are paired with a good DAC and amp), but it really depends on what you want to use them for. I will always have a preference for wired headphones just because the technology for wireless headphones isn't quite good enough yet to beat out wired headphones. I say give the market another few years before wireless technology is really good enough to make it a fair comparison.
Feb 13, 2018
Well, if you want better sound quality then go wired. If you want clsed backs for home, gaming and to be successfuly used with an entry level dac/amp then take a look at the dt770/32 ohm which is cheap and really good. If you want same ok priced allrounder for home and gaming also, you can take a look at an dt990pro/250 ohm. For that you need a better amp, though. For cheapper and somewhat portable open back you can also check the yamaha hph200, though the build is on the plastiky side but the sound superb. For in ear high quality at a fantastic price you can check the meze 11 neo. You can't go wrong with those. I recommended those for a starter, as I know them all and they are very good price/quality. For portable allrounder and hifi music from phone go for the 11neo, for home use gaming, dt990, for office isolation dt770, for portable openback allrounder the hph200 or something like that. They all are in $60-150 range so, ok for a starter. Sound quality wise they are all very good. So hope that helps. First you need to find out how you will use them mostly then chose your first :)
Feb 11, 2018
Personally I recommend you buy cheap wireless headphones that sound mediocre so you’ll never end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on headphones and audio equipment.
On the other hand you could pick up the wired HD6XX but don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Feb 9, 2018
I love wired headphones
Wired. 100%.
Feb 8, 2018
here a simple answer..if closed back get takstar pro 82 or audio techinica m40x, if for home use get grado sr80e
you can worry about higher end headphones later (if you ever need them)
Jan 9, 2018
Totally depends on what your buying headphones for. Are they for a PC only? Are they for listening to music only? are they for gaming? Whats your end game? what your budget? plan to use headphones only or looking for something with an amp? Looking for quality surround gaming headsets, all arounders or sound quality stuff? Do you need a mic?
If you can answer some of these questions we could help.
I find wireless only useful for portability, if your going to be roaming the house all the time with them on or traveling alot. Personally i dont like wireless. I've had so many issues with wireless headets after my 4th pair I just gave up. From pairing issues, to quality not being as good (you'll only notice this if you've used more high end stuff). Some people never have problems with them, but me, its never ending.
I have several wired sets, raning from 100-500 bucks, some use powered amps, others use amps that came with the device (astro a 40s). Even high end gaming headsets dont sound half as good in my opinion as a quality headphone set like the sennheiser hd6xx or hd650s (same thing ones massdrop only) They are my favorite headset as an all arounder. Alot of people here would probably agree, they run 250-350 somewhere online. They are a really good start into the good sounding world. You can get you a cheap amp from and a cheap dac to start, and the sound only gets better as you move up with better dacs/amps, 200 bucks will net you a magni 3 and a modi 2 from them. The headset will grow with you, and can be rebuilt piece by piece by you by ordering any part. So your not having to buy a new headeset all the time.
My choices for different purposes that arnt bank breaking:
All arounder and listening to music: senhheiser hd650 hd6xx (drop is going on now for 200 bucks more warm non fatiguing sounder), Beyerdynamic DT880/990 (more basshead style), or akg k7xx (brighter then the sennheisers and i'd say alittle more comforatable but can be fatiguing after prolonged use for me). All these run 150-300 somewhere.
gaming: sennheisers (with a modmic 5 for mic) and astro a40s depending on what i'm playing (although i've had some issues and had to have the a40s serviced a few times over 4 yrs)
Budget orientated wireless headset thats comfy, good for gaming and has a mic: steelseries arctis 7 wireless headset.
if your wanting to spend more money, theres tons more choices. But the above i think are the best bang for your buck, and best in their categories.
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