Drop shipping slow because of covid.

I payed 45 dollars for one day shipping on the 16th and my package is set to be delivered on the 21st, I have read other forum posts recently of people saying they are not receiving items or response from drop. I got a refund for the shipping, and 10 dollar credit (thank you drop) I would just choose the free shipping for now even if you need a package ASAP.

Oct 3, 2020
Wondering when you'll finally catch on to the fact that posting another SUPPORT comment in the Audiophile comment section will result in the same outcome?
Sep 18, 2020
I have submitted 3 support emails. And this is my second forum post trying to get the attention of a drop employee, NOTHING. I submitted my ticket 2 days ago. One more day and I will just cancel the bill via my banker.
Sep 19, 2020
Usually its an increase of typically around 4-6 dB (makes it louder), my understanding (I'm no engineer) is high gain increases the voltage gain in the amplification stages, it takes the signal and boosts it further on high gain. Think of it as 'high gear' in a car... Its more complex with the O2, their gain is actually more power for higher ohm sets and power-hungry cans like Audeze planars. Standard works for everything else. I know its a real bear when you're in order limbo. The anxiety ain't worth it lol. This is my post the day when waiting for the Jotunheim and Modius to arrive ;-) and then when it got here lol: Sorry if bragging, I still can't believe I have something this good.
Standard model is good for most headphones, if very sensitive IEM's are in play the standard won't give you much room on the volume pot as 2.5x gain (low on that model) will be pretty loud with most sources (this is why the medium gain exists). Gain is a measure of how much signal boost will be applied. The net resulting volume at your ear is a factor of the output voltage from source (DAC for example) + volume pot setting + gain structure of the amp + headphone specs (sensitivity is the most important spec related to volume)