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Wrong Shipping Address (Not my fault)

Hi, Im a little frustrated, my item is going to the wrong address and it seems like i cannot change it.
  • i had provided the correct shipping address on the account and when i made the purchase.
  • This correct address was confirmed to me in the receipt i had received from drop. I have a downloaded pdf and email to prove this.
However i can see on DHL tracking that it has listed an incorrect address, it has reached my country and now a new carrier Yodel will be taking over. I have contacted DHL (bot) and they have told me i need to contact the supplier (DROP) to get the address changed. Ive also tried contacting Yodel (my package goes to Yodel after i pay customs ). Yodel has told me that they cannot change the address it is going to unless a failed attempt has been made at the address or they can put the item into their network and i can re-order from the supplier ( ive no idea how this works) Obviously i want my item and i don't want it going to the incorrect address when this was not my fault. I have contacted on two occasions, a delivery attempt will be made in 2-3 days ( as ive just paid the customs fee) and drop customer support says it will get back to me in 7 days. By the time drop gets back to me it will be too late Any advice? thanks, Kay

Oct 3, 2020
Yeah, stop posting customer service issues in the Audiophile comments section.
Oct 1, 2020
Dunno if you got this resolved but I'd contact Drop asap and see if they can contact them to make correct changes or if it's out of their hands I'd contact the company who has your package and either put a hold on the package or create an account with the shipping company and you can usually make changes to your delivery address (like change it to "don't deliver without signature" or "hold package at sorting center" so at least you know it's not going to be delivered to the wrong address). Unfortunately that's happened to me before, and once it's confirmed delivered I couldn't get my package or money back and they didn't even let me know what address they delivered it to so some random person apparently got my package. (just for the record this wasn't anything related to a Drop purchase or Drop at all, it was a completely different company.) Drop has always been very good about address changing and delivery problems if you happen to have one. Hope you were able to get it sorted out
Oct 1, 2020
Phlookeye exactly, delivery company was unwilling to budge. In the end i got this sorted thanks to jenny.
Hi @KayKhan ! Thanks for flagging your issue! Please look out for my reply on your support ticket for further assistance!
Sep 22, 2020
jennychinHi @jennychin Ok will wait for your reply...
jennychinThank you for all the help Jenny!
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