Headphone DAC-AMP options

I've currently got a PS Audio Sprout Amp and Cetrance DAC/Amp, both used for headphone duties. I'm not sure I'm satisfied with either. The Sprout compared to the Cetrance is flat and boring. The Cetrance has a bit more bottom end that I do notice. I'm leaning towards a new headphone amp/DAC with a similar sound profile. I use either a Drop AKG K7XX, Grado SR60 or an awaiting IEM from drop(moondrop Kxxx)... I'd like to keep it under $250 or so, even better under $200... I really like the form factor of the Schiit brand units (hel or fulla) with the volume knob on top. That form factor really appeals to me. What else is out there, within my budget? The volume knob is not a deal breaker at all. But punchier bass, possibly an EQ, would be nice. Otherwise the Cetrance is preferred, but just an eye sore. If could ditch both the Sprout and Cetrance, I'm open to spending more for a complete DAC/AMP setup like the NAD 3020 or similar. I'm also using some cetrance masterclass 2504 speakers Thanks folks!


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